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Every Wednesday at 5:00 pm (pacific time) Join us as we talk gold prospecting, treasure hunting and ghost towns, take calls and have some great information, a little fun and a few giveaways!

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Host: Jack Tucker is a graduate of the TV and Radio Broadcasting  School formerly located in Phoenix, Arizona. His experience in radio dates back to 1991-1994 when he was a DJ for KHOT out of Phoenix, and KQ104 country Radio station in Pinal County.  In 1993 he also met Lisa and they started their own DJ business doing weddings and events. Jack was also involved in gold prospecting. Buying equipment soon became a new hobby of his. In 1993, while on a camping trip, “I noticed some black sands in a wash. There was something about this that struck a chord in me. I wasn’t sure why, but later learned the significance of the black sands. But, as I crossed that wash on that Easter weekend, my life forever changed!” After 8 years of doing weddings they decided to move on and moved to the Wickenburg, Arizona area where they started a gold prospecting store, Miners Creek. Six years later they became Caretakers at the LDMA Stanton Camp Property and sold the store. They were caretakers for 6 years. They started helping with the outings and events for the GPAA/LDMA. They have since traveled all over the country doing such events. Jack has prospected for Gold all over the Western States and even along the coast of the Eastern ones, including Alaska. For the past 15 years they have also ran a Gold Prospecting club of their own, Pick-n-Rocks located out of Wickenburg,  Arizona. (formally Miners Creek) Host: Lisa Tucker came from the New Jersey area where she has a background in finance. She is in charge of the money! She plays a significant part in the planning and organizing of all the events and activities. They met in 1993 at an event Jack was DJing and after dating for a short while Lisa moved to Arizona (where her parents also lived) and later they were married. They enjoy traveling and helping others in whatever adventure they seem to take on. Gold Prospecting runs deep in their blood as Jack’s Grandfather, Father, Uncles, and cousins all worked at the Kennecott Mines and tried to get Jack to come aboard. Back then he thought it was just too hard work to be at the mines.